Through the EEA Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway set the objective of reducing social and economic disparities in Europe, by strengthening bilateral relations with the beneficiary states. In Portugal, EEA grants support 5 programs, with a budget of € 102.7M:

  • Blue Growth, promoting sustainable marine and maritime growth.
  • Environment, promoting Circular Economy, the decarbonization of society and the valorization of the territory
  • Gender Equality and Reconciliation by promoting gender equality and reconciling work, personal and family life.
  • Culture, rehabilitating and preserving coastal heritage and support for the arts
  • Active Citizens, supporting initiatives aimed at strengthening civil society and active citizenship and empowering vulnerable groups

There is also the Bilateral Relations Fund to support initiatives aimed at strengthening relations between Portugal and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Projects may involve public or private entities or NGOs, at national or international level and should always include at least one partner from donor states.