Outsourcing CFO

Moss & Cooper, through its team of consultants, specialized in the financial and tax areas, proposes to develop advice on economic and financial management for Startups and SMEs, creating the figure of an externalized CFO, thus allowing companies to keep their focus on their activity main, It is a service designed to the needs of each project and sector and the services include:

  • Preparation of financial maps (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Financing Structures) and monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reports to support decision making
  • Monitoring of performance and KPI’s according to the structure and needs of the business
  • Tax optimization (including potential applications for tax benefits)
  • Treasury management and forecasts
  • Project Finance (detailed to assess the feasibility of projects, investment plans or financial charges with creditors)
  • Valuation of the company for stakeholders, investors, banking, etc.
  • Processes for raising capital and financing
  • Identification of potential investors and communication strategy
  • Support in acquisition/merger processes
  • Prospecting for strategic partnerships
  • Support in prospecting, negotiating and managing joint ventures