Startup Launch

The initial phase of your project or launching into a new market requires immense dedication and the choice of ideal partners, both in defining the strategy and in the supporting areas.

The Startup Launch aims to assist entrepreneurs from the beginning, taking the necessary steps to reach a maturity stage that allows a Startup to obtain financing.

Through a network of partnerships with teams of experts in each area, our goal is to provide a "turnkey" solution that allows entrepreneurs to focus on developing their business while outsourcing support areas.

Moss & Cooper Startup Launch Program includes:

  • Research of financing programs available for the project and 2 hours of consultancy to help you define the best fundraising strategy in Portugal
  • Access to a legal team and assistance in incorporating the company
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Access to an accounting team
  • Access to fiscal advice
  • Briefing on Tax Authority and Social Security Registration
  • Access to a network of insurance specialists
  • Access to an intellectual property protection assessment team
  • Access to talent recruitment specialists
  • Access to real estate brokers
  • Package of 5 applications for internships or subsidized employment contracts
  • The program designed to last 6 months


Titus Gahissy

Founder da Startup Station

``Moss & Cooper provides entrepreneurs with all information about incentives and financing, one of the great positives for choosing Portugal to launch the business. Working with them makes us feel part of the same team and project.
I am very happy with the work being done with Moss & Cooper and have already recommended them to some other entrepreneurs I know.``